Nevada Partners’ Workforce Development Department helps individuals get jobs that allow them to be economically self- sufficient, use their talents and skills, and advance in their careers. Through strategic alliances with private and public entities, Nevada Partners addresses the workforce needs of the Southern Nevada community by matching trained employees with employers who reward hard work by paying livable wages and offering good benefits in a safe work environment. Nevada Partners focuses on employment and training in the following sectors: hospitality, healthcare/medical, and green economy.

Over the past year, Nevada Partners staff provided employment and training services to more than 1,200 Southern Nevada residents. Through our employment resource center, we helped more than 700 clients engage in general job searches. We have also made significant strides towards cultivating an ethic of wealth building in Southern Nevada, including providing financial literacy training to more than 750 individuals throughout the community. Last year our candidates placed in jobs earned over $9,235,616  in their first year of employment, a sizeable boost to the local economy.

Specific services include the following:

Career Counseling and Development:  A professional career counselor meets with each client to assess his or her work history and skills, economic circumstances, family and support network, training and certifications, and potential barriers to employment. Working with a career developer, the client then develops an employment plan, prepares a resume, practices interviewing techniques, and conducts a job search. Our objective is to find clients an in-demand occupation that pays at least $11 an hour.

Training and Employment Support:  We refer eligible clients to training courses in several industries and determine whether the client can qualify for financial assistance. We also provide clients with a letter of intent to hire and assist with job supplies, work cards, and bus passes, and referrals for other supportive services.

Career Club:  NPI staff help registered clients with completing an online application, writing a resume, and providing the necessary tools to become employed or to advance a career. Clients receive information on job fairs, job referrals, job search strategies, and relevant labor market information.

Career Resource Center: Open to the public, this center provides free computer, fax, and reproduction services. Staff members help clients search for jobs, use the computers, submit unemployment claims, use a template to create resumes, and apply for jobs online.

Workshops and Classes:

Customer Service:  Students learn how to provide exceptional guest service, meeting the needs of their guests, co-workers, and employer.

Employability:  This class provides a thorough understanding of the tools and skills needed to successfully pursue, gain, and retain employment. Topics include career planning, conflict resolution, proper grooming and hygiene, communication and interpersonal skills, and other workplace concerns.

Financial Literacy:  Topics include using banking services, balancing a bank account, keeping track of income and expenses, and creating a budget.

For Training Services:   


Please call (702) 924-2100 for more information 




Resource Center Hours are as follows:


  Monday - Friday         8:30am-12:00pm


** Please note the Resource Center is not available (occasionally) on Tuesdays during testing.   Call for assistance **

Success Story

On May 16, 18 we entered into a partnership with the Iron workers Apprentice Ship. They contacted Nevada Partners to assist the apprentices which had been given opportunities for a variety of construction jobs with the wage ranging from $14.00 to $21.00.


The coordinator spoke to the apprentices and found that many had been unemployed for several weeks and lacked the funds to purchase the tools needed and some had no transportation.


Nevada Partners set up at the Iron Workers offices.

Jason their coordinator prepared everything for us to provide orientation and enrollment. We successfully enrolled 24 apprentice and assisted 13 of those enrolled to start work on the following Monday.


Quote from the Coordinator Jason:


“I just wanted to say thank you all for you and your teams help.

We know it was all last minute but it worked very well.

I am happy to say that we have been able to place 13 people with companies starting Monday. And can foresee everyone else going to work within 30 days. Every student did Fantastic and our Instructors and I could not be more proud of these men and women.”

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