Ramiro Navas-Pantoja

is individual who immigrated to the United States from Nicaragua, Central America. Ramiro dreamt of success and becoming a homeowner. Currently he is the Director of External Department, Culinary Union Local 226.  Previously, he worked at Rio Hotel and Casino where he was recruited as a shop steward and advocated for employees. It was his determination and passion to help others which landed him the job with the Culinary Union. He has been employed with the union since 2005 and due to his strong work ethic, was promoted many times throughout his tenure. Ramiro previously tried purchasing a home with a traditional lender however the lender felt he was not ready. Upon learning of the partnership between Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA) and Culinary and Bartenders Housing Program (CBHP), Ramiro decided to consider purchasing through this program.

Ramiro attended the NACA workshop hosted at the Culinary Union local 226 Hall in July 2018.  Shortly after attended another NACA workshop held at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino and upon completion, he was given an approval and directed to the Nevada Partners table. The Housing Program Specialist (HPS) met with Ramiro and asked a few brief questions to determine his eligibility for the assistance from CBHP. The HPS, Ela Garcia, was able to arrange a pre-purchase counseling session for August 02, 2018.   The next step was to secure a few more items to get the green light.  Once he completed the pre-purchase counseling it was very easy for him to identify what his next step would be to insure a smooth transaction. Ramiro was very prepared and had everything neatly organized.

He was given the Greenlight Letter in less than two weeks after meeting with (HPS) Ela.  He was very involved and took his responsibility as a soon-to-be homeowner very serious and was quick to communicate any discrepancy between NACA and Nevada Partners.

Appliances included; newer Stainless Steel 5 burner stove w/ convection oven, Microwave & Refrigerator.

Once he received the greenlight letter his realtor, Gloria Douglas, was by his side to helped him throughout the process. He was off to find his dream home, where he could offer his children a place to stay during their visits through the holidays.  After looking at several houses, Mr. Navas found “the one” with a competitive price of $245,000, located in Charleston Heights area. The house he now calls home, is a charming 1-story, 2 beds + Den. The backyard has a nice patio with no neighbors behind him.  The den has a door and closet space, easy to convert into a 3rd bedroom.

The house is only minutes away from the Best in the West Shopping center and restaurants that Ramiro frequents. His home is located near the freeway which makes it very convenient for him to commute to work. Mr. Navas is a homeowner today because he was determined and followed the process. Ramiro Navas closed his transaction just in time to celebrate his birthday. 

Laminate Wood Flooring throughout open areas

Denisse Cancino-Lemp and

Daniel Saldivar

Denisse Cancino-Lemp and Daniel Saldivar are a driven couple and with a strong work ethic. The couple struggled to find financial security and a place to make their permanent home. Together, they were determined to support one another and build a stable future for their children and themselves in Las Vegas, Nevada. They have two beautiful children, Gisselle 11 years old (not pictured) and Gaven 5 years old who were also eager to have a place to call home.


Denisse and Daniel have worked for The Culinary Union since 2012. Denisse Currently has two jobs: Senor Frogs and Mandalay Bay as a server. They first heard of the Culinary Housing Partnership Program through a text that was sent to all union members. In March the couple took their first step towards home-ownership and attended orientation and completed the required 8-hour home-buyer education class just a month later. Once they began the home buying process, it was very easy for Denisse to communicate to anyone involved in the process. She was involved and took her responsibility as a new homeowner very serious. They went back to their lender and received their pre-approval. They had the lender send over the lender package to us ($1003, Loan Estimate, Credit Report & Pre-approval). Once we received their package we contacted the clients and scheduled a pre-purchase counseling session for the end of May. They came well prepared, however once we completed the pre-purchase counseling the clients needed a few additional items to get the green light. We contacted the lender and advised them of the conditions within the action plan. It only took Denisse a few days to gather the items that were needed for her to start the search for a home.

Once they got the green light letter they were off to find their dream home! After looking at several houses they found “the one” for the completive price of $244,900 located in Enterprise.

The place they now call home has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and just over 1,600 square feet. The perfect size for their family and the house even has a garage and beautiful new flooring. The house is only minutes away from the local schools, which makes it very convenient for Denisse and her family. The house also has a nice yard for little Gaven to play in the sun. Once an offer was made and accepted Denisse did exactly what she was taught in her Home Buyer Education Class by budgeting the family’s finances, maintaining and updating her documents.

Words from Denisse:

“I never thought we could be homeowners until we went to the 8-hour class and I told my husband WE CAN DO THIS!’

“If it wasn’t for Nevada Partners and the Homebuyers class we wouldn’t be here today!”

Alvaro Gonzalez is a hardworking single father with one teenager and 2 small children looking for a place to call home.  Alvaro has worked at Caesars Palace for over 25 years as a Manager Cook and heard about the Culinary and Bartenders Housing Partnership Program through his realtor (also in the picture).

He attended orientation at the end of September and completed the required 8-hour home-buyer education class just a month later.  Once Alvaro got started in the home buying process there was no stopping him. He was involved and took ownership of the whole process.  He went back to his lender and received their preapproval.  They had the lender send over the lender package to us (1003, Loan Estimate, Credit Report & Preapproval).  Once we received the package we contacted the client and scheduled him for his pre-purchase counseling in December. He came in very prepared, however once we completed the pre-purchase counseling the client was not able to provide proof of down payment – $7,000.00 and a few items were needed to get the green light. We contacted the lender and advised him of the conditions on the action plan and the client decided to see if he would qualify with the WISH program also.

It took them almost a month to get the items together but once he provided the necessary paper work to the Housing Program Specialist his file was quickly submitted to our new WISH administrator- Charles Schwab. After just a short time, we received the approval from WISH and provided Alvaro with the green light to start his home search.  It only took  a few weeks to find their dream home for the bargain price of $165,000.00 located in central Las Vegas. Mr. Gonzalez’s lender had issues with accepting a 2 down payment programs and dropped the ball in providing Nevada Partners with all the closing items required by WISH. After a lot of back and forth between the client and loan officer everything was resolved, however, it came at a cost. Alvaro’s original close of escrow was May 25th and seller provided multiple extensions and finally closed escrow June 15th, 2018.  if he didn’t close by then, he would lost all the money he already put into the process – (EMD, appraisal, inspection, truck rental etc). Finally, after a lot of hard work on the Alvaro and Nevada Partners part he was able to close with $10,000 from CBHP and $15,000 from WISH by the extended date of June 15th, 2018.  

The home is in an upcoming community where several homeowners received grants to make home improvements. Alvaro’s home, just over 1500 square feet, has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  The perfect size for his family and the bathrooms were recently renovated and have beautiful new flooring. The house is only minutes away from the local schools, which makes it very convenient for Alvaro's daily routine. The house also has a big yard for his youngest children to play.

Alvaro was the ideal client as throughout his process he was extremely involved and had no issues communicating with anyone involved in process. He made sure he understood everything and was always very clear about any concerns he may have. Alvaro is good example of a union employee working rigorously for a better future.

Words from Alvaro Gonzalez:

Dear Miss Mobley, my name is Alvaro Gonzalez, I just closed escrow on the purchase of my new home. I want to highly recognize the awesome work of Ela Garcia along with Fidelia Soberanis and the rest of the team on this transaction.”

Thank you all, thanks a million Ela Garcia, you won the gold medal.”

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