Conner was all over the map with his career choices; one week he wanted to be an airline pilot, next a truck driver and then a drone pilot.  As Conner’s career coach helped him weigh out the pros and cons for each career choice. That was a skill that Conner had never done before.  He shared he had always made quick, rash decisions.


When it was time to acquire a job to stay in the YO Court program, Conner was placed in NPI’s work readiness workshops. The workshop taught him interviewing techniques, resume writing, dress for success and work readiness strategies.  Nevada Partner’s Job Developer suggested that Conner research a company called Sutherland Global. Sutherland Global is known for rethinking and rebuilding processes for the digital age by combining design-thinking insights and data-driven analytics. Their design services enable a human-centric approach to digital transformation.


As Conner followed his individualized service strategy plan, he met his goals, gained confidence and matured as a young man while living drug free.  Conner was placed at Sutherland Global and was thrilled to have an opportunity to showcase his passion for technology. Conner’s self-esteem and confidence grew and so did his abilities at work.

Conner Hanzelic entered the NPI’s WIOA Youth program on 8/26/2016. He was a participant in the YO Court Alternative Sentencing program through the Las Vegas Municipal Courts Specialty Courts program. Conner started out slow in the Nevada Partners program, he was fighting addiction with alcohol and drugs, his self-esteem and self-confidence were almost nonexistent. He had no employment and was living in a sober home with 20 other young men.

Within weeks of being placed, Conner applied for a vacant position at Sutherland, interviewed and was hired on the spot. Conner finished top of his class in a four-week training program. The success he attained in that position aligned him for promotions, incentive and bonuses.

 Fast forward 2018, Conner has been at Sutherland Global for 2 years now and is doing extremely well. His list of accomplishments are as follows: He graduated from the YO Court program, has been clean and sober for over 2 years and today he mentors new clients in the YO Court program. Living on his own for the first time, Conner has his own apartment, purchased a car, and finally living a life with less worries and more successes

NPI is helping to support employers' growth strategies. We recently referred an excellent candidate to a civil engineering company that is expanding its business into the installation of geothermal energy systems. Through an OJT contract, the small business will be reimbursed 90 percent of the wage rate while the employee receives training and experience in marketing this new green technology. As a result of all the participants' efforts, the company is planning to see an increase in revenue of $250,000 this year and the generation of 10 to 15 new jobs within 5 years.

As a WEX participant, Charvonia Williams spent last summer working as the office manager for Dr. Angela Cherniawski, a chiropractor at Life Align Wellness Center. "It turned out to be a perfect fit," says Dr. Cherniawski. Charvonia worked hard and caught on quickly. In fact, Charvonia performed so well that at the end of the summer Dr. Cherniawski offered her a permanent position.

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