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Nevada Partners aims to build a community network that supports all local youth in making healthy choices; succeeding in school; reconnecting to education and work, if they are at risk or out of school; and building education and career paths that lead to lifelong success.

Over the past year, Positive Youth Impact provided case management, supportive services, and training to more than 500 local youth. Our programming focuses on drop out prevention, leadership and resiliency training, service learning, life skills training, and career exploration.

Our programming includes:


W.O.W Advisory Board: This youth-led program provides members the opportunity to learn about and participate in service learning projects and be about social change. This is a place where youth ages 16-24 can speak out, be heard and make change in a safe caring environment.

The advisory Board is seeking dedicated, enthusiastic, and motivated young adults to join our youth council. All W.O.W members have the important duty of advising, designing, and facilitating programs to the interest of young adults in North Las Vegas community.

Wild-N-Out Wednesdays:  The Youth Department is seeking dedicated enthusiastic and motivated young adults to learn about and participate in service and social change.  Members of this group has the important duty of advising, designing and facilitating positively impactful programs through hands-on leadership, leadership development and community and civic engagement. 

Eligibility: Open to public however being a W.O.W member and attending W.O.W meetings is advised. 

Batteries Included:  This program, in partnership with the City of Las Vegas and the Clark County School District, focuses on leadership and character development, health and wellness, career exploration, and work readiness. The program culminates in the “Employability Olympics,” which showcases the skills of program graduates and connects them with local employers who have summer job opportunities.

Prince 2 King:  This program is designed to helps young men develop a deeper self-awareness, find their essential value as they build character, and enhance and discover untapped potential for greatness and leadership.


Desert Rose One Stop at Desert Rose Adult High School:  NPI provides case management and wrap-around services to out- of-school youth with multiple barriers to help them gain self-sufficiency. We offer instruction on attaining a high school diploma or GED, vocational classes, positive parenting workshops, proficiency exam tutoring, and community service opportunities.

H.I.T Program:  This program helps prepare high school youth for a career in the hospitality industry. Working at the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas, they gain experience both in the front of the house—busing tables, serving food, and hosting—and in the back of the house, getting an introduction to restaurant cooking.  To learn more, please click the link provided.

Queen-dom aka (Girls Circle):  The youth department is providing an empowering support group for ladies between the ages of 16-24 entitled, “Stepping Into Queen-dom.” The model of the program will follow an evidence base curriculum created by “One Circle Foundation”. The basis of the program is to give young ladies a safe and fun outlet to discuss everyday issues and tackle important subjects such as: Healthy Relationships, Work, Families, Friends, Body Image, Who Am I?, Emotional Wellness and Financial Freedom.  This weekly support group gives young women an opportunity to gain exposure of outside activities such as camping trips and college tours.  
This 5 week program will be held on Mondays, 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm for ages 16 -19 and Wednesdays, 1:00 pm -3:00 for ages 20 -24 pm here at the event center. Please click here for a flyer with more information.

Special Youth Populations Programming: In collaboration with the Department of Juvenile Justice Services, this program provides intensive case management services, community service projects, work experiences, a 12-week leadership and character development course, and supportive services to help adjudicated youth and adolescents at risk for out-of-home placement.

Intel Future Skills and Innovation: The class introduces students to techniques used to create highly innovative solutions utilizing cutting edge technology, software and equipment to bring their designs to life. Students will complete real-life engineering design challenges, prepare written documentation of their thoughts and processes, and present results. From simple circuits, 3D printer, laser cutter, vinyl cutters, digital cameras, to virtual reality the scope of technology within the classroom is amazing. Specific challenge details and relevant areas of technology explored may vary, must be a participating member of the Nevada Partners Youth Program to enroll.

Additional Services:  Because NPI believes that a mastery of basic academic skills is essential for work readiness and job success, we offer tutoring in reading and math and help participants prepare to pass the state exam required for obtaining a high school diploma. We also offer proficiency exam tutoring, SAT/ACT preparation, and pre-GED assessment.

Success Stories:  Click here

3 Day Prevention Camp Retreat in Orderville, UT.

This three day camping retreat, provided Nevada Partner’s clients with the opportunity to engage in self-exploration, re-connection, and enrichment. The youth explored relationship dynamics, communication patterns, and healthy ways to make decisions as it relates to their overall wellbeing.


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