The STEAM based hands-on curriculum exposes the students to an array of knowledge and know-how including:

  • Specific hand tools and safety

  • Upcycling, soldering, simple circuits

  • Digital photography, 3D image creation and printing

  • Laser cutters, vinyl cutters

  • Multiple software programs various web sources

  • Basic sewing

  • Personal improvement principles 

  • Other specific exploration and challenges relevant to the content areas

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Intel Future Skills Class

This new and ever evolving course exposes students to a wide array of future technologies. The class introduces students to techniques used to create highly innovative solutions to various real-life issues. The students will also learn software, equipment, and tools so that they can bring their designs to life.

The project-based class utilizes design principles, project-based exploration (both group and individual), self-guided learning processes, as well as in-class critiques and feedback.  Students will complete real-life engineering design challenges, prepare written documentation, and present results.

Innovative curriculum with hands-on challenges allows students a self-directed exploration of technology along with life lessons for personal improvement, demonstrations and field trips. Students will learn how problem solve creatively and constructively, how to cultivate strong team work skills, and the application of specific technology skills that can be deployed to tackle tangible issues and barriers in their own lives and communities.   



Cohort 7 Graduation!

Nevada Partners graduated their 7th Intel class.


These students entered the program with minimal technological backgrounds, however they worked together to accomplish many incredible tasks.  As a team they leveraged their acquired knowledge by designing and printing Three-Dimensional cell phone cases which were packed with technological apparatus i.e. lights and sounds.  They were encouraged to make mistakes and iterate often because it was important to create innovations that captured their imagination and creativity.  Through rich brainstorming, collaboration and studying many possibilities, they created viable solutions by programming micro-bits into a wearable lanyard, which flashed lights and played sounds. During class they skillfully completed every task as a real-world challenge. Not only did these students develop their technological toolkit, but expanded leadership skills, not from a point of positional authority but rather influence.  They now have the capability to engage others, to ask the right questions and take initiative to lead.

DJ Challenge

Drawbot Challenge

Smart Home Challenge

Upcycle Challenge


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