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Nevada Partners’ Housing Program aims not only to promote home ownership, but also to create informed home buyers who can stay in their homes. Studies show that with education, first-time home buyers have a much higher rate of success in keeping their homes or seeking help when needed. By enabling local families to overcome barriers to purchasing a home of their own, this program encourages wealth creation, a stable workforce, and a stronger community. The Housing Program has helped nearly 1,500 local families to purchase homes and has educated more than 5,100 people about the home buying process.

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The Housing Program has three components:

Culinary and Bartenders Housing Partnership

This program offers various services to workers of Culinary Union Local 226 and the Bartenders Union Local 165, covering employees of participating properties that contribute, per a collective bargaining agreement, to the Housing Trust Fund. The program provides home buyer education, pre- and post-purchase counseling, and down payment assistance to first-time home buyers in Clark and Nye County and helps current home owners obtain resources when facing foreclosure. Instruction is offered in both English and Spanish.

Culinary and Bartenders Union workers may qualify for the Housing Trust Fund’s Down Payment Assistance Loan of up to $20,000 for Conventional 1st mortgage loan based on borrower needs to assist with Down Payment and approved Closing Cost. Culinary and Bartenders Union workers may qualify for the Housing Trust Fund’s Down Payment Assistance Loan of up to $10,000 for FHA 1st mortgage loan based on borrower needs to assist with approved Closing Cost and Principal Reduction. If the client sells, refinances with cash out or refinances without saving at least $50 a month on a 30 year fixed rate loan, or rents out the property the loan must be paid back in full with zero percent interest. The loan, for first-time home buyers, is available on a first-come, first served basis.



The Workforce Initiative Subsidy for Home ownership (WISH) Program makes Affordable Housing Program (AHP) funds available through Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco.  First time buyers earning up to 80% AMI who qualify are eligible to receive up to $16,000 or four times the amount of the household contribution towards the purchase of a home.  The housing transaction must be at “arm’s length”.  That is, the buyers and sellers must act independently and have no relationship with each other. Households need to have sufficient income and credit worthiness to qualify for financing and affordability as determined by their lender. 




The Individual Development and Empowerment Account (IDEA) Program makes AHP funds available through the participating member bank, Federal Home Loan Bank.  The program qualifies first time home buyers who have participated in an Individual Development Account (IDA) Program with the goal of home ownership. The home buyer is eligible to receive the lesser of $16,000 or four times the amount of the home buyer’s savings used for down payment and reasonable customary closing costs from a dedicated savings account under an IDA program. The IDA Program requires a minimum of ten months participation.  

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  • All loan officers and realtors are required to obtain approval from Nevada Partners if they have clients that are using our programs. Please note,  as soon as you have passed the test, you are able present clients with our programs.

  • Please retain your e-mailed certificate as we do not keep a copy and will not send a reminder of its expiration date; (it is only good for 12 months)

  •  Please note that you will not be added to the participating Realtor/Lender list unless you work for one of the Realtors/Lenders that are currently on the list.  If you would like to be added to the list and your company is not on the list, please have your Broker/Branch Manager submit an application on the same website that you completed your training; The fee is $497. Once your company has been approved they will be added to the list on the next update and any Realtor/Loan Officer that works for the company will be added to the list as well.  Please note the list is updated only once per month. 

  • If your company is already listed as a participant, you will be added to the list upon the next update. 

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