The Build Nevada Construction Apprenticeship Readiness Program is designed to prepare local unemployed and underemployed youth and adults to succeed in understanding apprenticeships and construction employment. Operated by Nevada Partners, the program is a partnership with construction contractors and unions, apprenticeship programs and educators, and the workforce system.

Begun in spring 2008, Build Nevada responds to the needs of the commercial construction sector, a critical element of the Southern Nevada economy that offers trades jobs with good earning capacities and benefits. To gain the extensive training needed for these highly skilled positions, people must typically be accepted into a joint apprenticeship program, which requires passing skills tests (with an emphasis on math), interviews and if accepted a drug test in most apprenticeship programs. Build Nevada’s intensive 10-week course gives students the knowledge, skills, and background to understand the application process and be admitted to such an apprenticeship.

Upon entry into the program, students sign a strict code of conduct holding them to the standards that will ensure success in their careers. Build Nevada includes training in leadership and resiliency, work readiness, learning strategies, tools and materials identification, and life skills. Students take construction based math/algebra, meeting the minimum standard for entry into the electrical, plumbing, and sheet metal programs. Because most apprentices are required to have a high school diploma or GED, or to obtain one within the first-year apprenticeship, Build Nevada provides GED preparation for those students who do not have a high school diploma. In addition, students receive certifications in OSHA 30, fork lift, scissor lift, boom lift, OSHA Awareness Training and first aid CPR and AED for Adult and child.

Students are giving the opportunity to visit and tour various apprenticeship training centers locally.

They also work outdoors at a mock construction site performing many of the tasks required of construction workers. They also visit apprenticeship programs of interest, complete practice applications, and participate in practice interviews.

Once they graduate from Build Nevada, participants compete for placement in apprenticeship programs and receive follow-up and retention services to ensure success. After gaining acceptance to a program, students start working in the construction industry at the wages and benefits established by the appropriate Joint Apprenticeship Council and State Apprenticeship Council. By equipping local residents to meet the needs of the construction economy, Build Nevada contributes to the economic recovery and viability of Southern Nevada. In the first seven classes, 128 students have graduated from the program.

Directors of apprenticeship programs and employers are increasingly recognizing the strong return on investment that Build Nevada grads bring, based on their dedication and discipline. Even in this economic crisis, Build Nevada graduates have achieved placement in construction apprenticeships including Electrical, Sheet Metal, Laborer, Plumber-Pipefitter, Painters, Floor Coverer, and Roofers programs. Each graduate receives Personal Protective Equipment Hard Hats, Gloves, Safety Glasses and Construction Work Boots with 4 pairs of good quality socks. During the program, each Client receives Basic set of Carpenter Tools including squares Framing squares and speed squares level, Tape measure Nail sets screw drivers, Chisels assorted wrenches’ Framing and finish Hammers, key hole Saws, Chalk Boxes.


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